Thursday, January 13, 2011

Family Nativity

Every year we act out the nativity story in Luke 2 as a family. We let the kids plan it all out, characters, costumes, props, etc. It's always really cute. This year we got to include Mimi, Baba, Mamoo, Justin, Cari, & Korbyn into our production. It turned out adorable.

Cadence told me I had to be Mary this year because I was "heavy with child." (Gee, thanks!) so Trek HAD to be Joseph if I was Mary. Bladen was Baby Jesus (like usual.). Mimi & Mamoo got to be shepherds & Taya & Korbyn were their sheep. Baba was the 3 wise men (in triple roles), & Cari & Lorien were the beautiful angels. But my favorite casting from this year was my brother Justin who Cadence thought would make a perfect DONKEY!!! Don't you just love it? She wanted me to ride him to Bethlehem. ha ha ha. We were all laughing SO hard. Justin is a perfect donkey!

Anyway, we acted it out & we all got the chance to remember the REAL reason we have Christmas. I love to have that reminder every year. It was wonderful!

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