Sunday, February 23, 2014

Birthday Cupcakes

My favorite part of all my kids' birthdays is going to their schools to take cupcakes to their class.  I love eating lunch with my kids & I love sharing those little moments with them.  Lorien was SO excited that her birthday fell on pizza day.  She's been wanting me to try the "school pizza" for ages now.  I even stood in the lunch line with her & got some pizza for myself.  

Do you want to know what makes me laugh?  The fact that school pizza hasn't changed since I was a kid in elementary school.  It's the exact same pizza I had as a kid in Arizona as well as the same pizza  I had all through middle & high school in Utah.  Yup, school pizza is & will always be SCHOOL PIZZA.

Lorien was very excited to pass out cupcakes for her birthday.  The rules of her school say that all baked goods have to be store bought so she picked some vanilla cupcakes, some chocolate cupcakes, & some oreo cupcakes.  All the kids loved them.

The boys were happy to pack up a lunchbox & eat lunch with their big sister.  They LOVE eating lunch at the big kid school.

Lorien had a blast.  She ate her oreo cupcake in one single bite.  Her friends loved their treats & we all had a great time.

Even Canyon was enjoying himself.

Happy birthday Bug.  We love you.

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