Monday, February 10, 2014

Cadence's Family Birthday Celebration

For Cadence's special birthday dinner she asked me to make pepperjack chicken enchiladas.  I discovered the recipe on Pintrest last month & after I made it once, I knew it would be a family favorite.  She LOVES them.  I thought they'd be a little spicy for my kids, but even my boys gobble them up.  She also wanted some chips, & a fruit cup on the side.  (She loves her fruit cups.)

She was very excited to eat her favorite food & be the center of attention for the evening.

After dinner, we went into the living room & opened presents from family.  She got all sorts of fun things.

She got Big Ben legos from Opa & Oma.  How cool is that?

Mimi & Baba got her the new Ariel boat ride
Lego set.

Mamoo got her a really neat nail art kit.

Lorien saved up her allowance & bought her
the mermaid Ariel Lego set.

Taya gave Cadence all the money she had: $1 from the tooth
fairy (from last week) & a quarter from her treasure box.

My friend Nancy got her all sorts of fun things:
clothes, shoes, a book, nail polish, rocks, a puzzle,
hand soap & lotion, & a beautiful sweater.

Auntie Cari & Uncle Justin got her a TON of
rubber bands & a loom to make more bracelets.

The boys got her more rubber bands as well. 

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay got her the cutest little
notecards for writing letters.

And I got her the new Rapunzel Lego set.

She also got a card from the Arbuckles & some money from Grandma Kinsfather. . . & for some reason I didn't get a picture of the set of books Trek got her, probably because we were video chatting with him at the time.  But he got her 4 books from the Goddess Girls series.

She got some really great things & is thankful for all of them.  It was a great birthday for her this year even if Daddy was far away.  He was video chatting with us the entire time she opened gifts.  We were happy he could be a part of it even though he was so far away.

Happy Birthday Cadence darling.

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