Monday, February 10, 2014

Cadence & Lorien's Lego Birthday Party

Cadence & Lorien (& Craiger) all have February birthdays.  February is pretty much one giant birthday party at the Potter house!  We love it.

This year both Cadence & Lorien asked for a Lego Friend birthday party just like the one I did for their little sister Taya this summer for her 6th birthday.  I love it when they want a party like one I've done before because all the planning is already done.  Since both of them wanted the same theme, we decided to combine their parties & do one huge 
Lego Friends party.

I made the same type of cupcakes as I made before: simple cupcakes with 3 different colored frostings & topped with chocolate legos that I made earlier during the week.  The chocolate legos are easy.  I bought a silicone lego mold a while back & all you do is melt some colored chocolate melts in the microwave or double boiler & pour the melted chocolate into the lego mold, let dry/harden, & then pop out your chocolate legos.  I love it because you can make the legos whatever color you want them to be.  We did pink, purple, white, & teal to match the Lego Friends theme.

I decorated the dining room with a purple tablecloth, the cupcakes in the center, a few balloons, & then table wear to match the Lego Friends theme.

For the goody bags, I just bought plain colored gift bags & added circles to them to make them look like big legos.  Inside I found sixlets, chocolate coins, gum balls, & a few other things that also matched the lego friend colors.

Lorien was so excited to celebrate turning 9 years old.  Her birthday is actually February 21st, but we decided to do it this weekend since we had a lot going on for the rest of the month of February.

And I still can't believe Cadence is 11.  I feel SO old.

I also love how excited the girls were to share their party.  I've never combined their parties before & was worried they'd feel like it wasn't their own special thing, but much to my surprise they loved being together for it all. It makes me happy how much they love each other.

I forgot to take pictures of the mantle & windowsills in the living room, but the entire house was decorated with the girls' friends lego sets.  We have almost every single set they make so they were EVERYWHERE.

After all their friends started arriving, we turned on Netflix & watched the Lego Friends movie "The New Girl in Town."  By the time it was over (20 minutes) most of the friends had arrived & we were ready to start playing games.

For the first game, we dumped a bucket of legos out in the middle of the floor.  The girls sat around it in a circle.  Lorien started out with 2 die & rolled them.  Whatever number she rolled, she got to sort through the big pile & pick out that many pieces of legos for herself.  Then she'd pass the 2 die to the next person in the circle.  They continued this pattern until the pile in the middle was gone & each girl had a large pile of legos in front of them.  Finally I gave them five minutes to build something creative with their pile.  At the end of the five minutes they had to be prepared to show everyone what they built as well as tell us a story about it.  The girls were nervous about the story part at first, but by the end of the game we were on the floor laughing at some of the wild stories they had come up with. These girls were SO FUN & such creative story tellers.

Lorien was the first to grab Emmett from the new "Lego Movie."  She based her story on the theme song of the movie "Everything is Awesome!" which is now stuck in my head forever.  Hers was a spy car that could change into an airplane automatically.

Taya built an airplane with her pile of legos.

Cadence was really creative & built a skate park as well as an award stand for the skate competition.

After the lego build game, we divided into two teams:
Lorien's Team
Cadence's Team

Each girl had her friends on her team.  Then we played a really competitive & fun game of lego Pictionary.  I'd give the "builders" a word like
T-Rex, Rapunzel, Tree, Birthday Cake, Dog, etc.
& they had to quickly try & build that item well enough for their team to guess it correctly before the other team did.  It was a BLAST.  My girls thought it was so fun, they've continued playing it all weekend long.  It was a whole lot funner than I imagined it would be.

The last clue was "birthday cake" & once Lorien's team guessed it, we went to the dining room to eat birthday cake, ice cream, & soda pop.

Cadence's cupcake with 11 candles looked like a towering inferno.  She was pretty excited about that.

And Lorien got giddy watching all 9 of her candles lit in front of her.

We sang happy birthday to both girls & they did their best at blowing out ALL THOSE CANDLES.

After cake we opened gifts.  The girls have such great friends & got some amazing things.

Giselle got Lorien a whole bucket of legos to create with.

Annie got Cadence a Lego Friends Stage set.
Lorien has that set, but Cadence didn't so she was
THRILLED to get one of her own to build & play with.

Piper gave Lorien a Lego Friends parrot, a Lego Friends buggy set,
& the Lego Friends play mat which ALL my girls have been
begging for since July of last year.

Kayla knows how much Cadence loves to draw
& sketch so this sketchbook was perfect for her.

Quinn & Macy got the girls a lovely nail polish kit, some
hand sanitizer, & a Target gift card for more legos.

Victoria was a sweetheart & brought a gift for both girls even
though she's Cadence's best friend.  They got iTunes gift cards
which means the Frozen Soundtrack will now be playing 24/7
in the Potter house.

Lorien's friend Brooke wasn't going to come due
to a swim meet, but made it for the last 10 minutes
to wish Lorien a happy birthday.  We were
happy she was able to come even if it was for a short

And the very last thing we did before parents came to pick their kiddos up was played a little "punch out" using my punch board.  I made this forever ago for many different things: church, preschool, music classes, etc.  It's just one of those big science fair trifold boards that I cut 12 holes in.  I added large red plastic cups inside.  I filled each cup with a small lego friends set for each of the guests, then covered the cup's opening with a piece of tissue paper attached with a rubber band.  Each party guest got to come up & punch a hole into the cup & pull out their lego prize.

The girls were SO excited that they got to have some legos to take home.  We let them spread out around the living room & put together their new little sets.  By the time they finished parents had arrived & it was time to go.  They put their new legos into their goody bags & were on their way.

The girls had a blast.  They said it was their best party ever.  I know they just say that to make me feel good.  I really do have the sweetest girls in the world.  But I am happy that they enjoyed their party.

Happy Birthday Cadence & Lorien!  I love you.

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