Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from the Potter Family.

I did the best I could for the kids, but I admit that I have a really hard time on Valentine's Day if my sweetheart isn't here with me.  I miss Trek SO much right now.  It's getting to the point where we are ALMOST done with this training.  He's SO close to coming home, yet it's still SO far away.  He get's home March 8th so let the countdown commence. . . 

So to compensate for me not having my Valentine home, my dear sweet friend Nancy sent all of us some fun Valentine gifts to keep our spirits high.  She bought each of the boys some Valentine pajamas (which I let them wear all day because they were cute.)

I love these pictures of the boys because
1. Bladen still has a little of his first black eye
2. Craiger is sporting his pirate tooth (a bruised tooth from hitting his face on a table when he tripped)
3. Canyon doesn't want to be THAT close to his brothers

Nancy sent each of the girls purple sweaters with a heart on them as well as some purple heart ballet flats.  They were adorable.

Nancy spoiled me rotten too.  She gave me some lotion, some bath stuff, a HUGE bottle of my favorite perfume - Cherry in the Air by Escada, & a gorgeous blue diamond heart necklace.

Trek, my Valentine, also sent me a surprise - a brand new camera!  Wahoo.  Ours was 3 years old & barely took pictures anymore.  I'm SO happy to have a good camera again.

For dinner I made a heart-themed dinner for the kids.  I made spaghetti in the shape of a heart, heart shaped jello jugglers, & strawberry cream pudding.

I also made the kiddos pink heart shaped cupcakes with white frosting & conversation hearts on top.  Every year for Valentine's I usually make Trek heart shaped molten lava cakes, but since he wasn't here I let the kids choose what dessert they wanted most.  They were really excited & loved them.

 After dinner a package arrived from Opa & Oma filled to the top with arts & craft supplies as well as tons of Valentine goodies.  They each got a Valentine card with $10 inside.  Thank you Opa & Oma for making the day extra special for us.

So Valentine's turned out to be fabulous, even if I didn't get to spend it with my Valentine.  We miss you Trek.  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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