Monday, February 10, 2014

School Cupcakes

So, of course we had to take the celebration to school with Cadence.  At her school we aren't allowed to bring homemade treats for birthdays, but we are allowed to bring something store bought.  I found these really cute oreo cupcakes at Walmart & knew Cadence would love them.

I brought the boys with me & we ate lunch with Cadence in the cafeteria at her school.  I actually bought hot lunch with her.  She had to show me how to do it.  I felt like a little kid again telling the lunch lady what to put on my tray.  I even got chocolate milk.  How fun is that?

Cadence loved showing off her 3 baby brothers to all her friends.

And of course everybody LOVED Cadence as soon as they saw the oreo cupcakes in her hands.  All the kids loved them.  It was so much fun being with her on her special day.

It makes me happy that Cadence still loves me enough to not be embarrassed by me.  She held my hand in the lunch line, hugged me several times in front of her friends, kissed me on the cheek, & told everyone how much she loved me.  I know this won't last forever, but let me tell you, I cherish every single moment I have with her.  Someday soon she'll be too "cool" for any of that, but for now, I'm in heaven loving on my little girl.

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