Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Double Duty

The tooth fairy always has double duty with Taya.  For some reason she loses teeth in twos.  Her first two bottom teeth came out within 2 days of each other & the poor tooth fairy had to work two nights in a row.

Well, she managed to do it again.  Taya lost one tooth on Monday by letting Lorien look at it.  Lorien touched it & it literally jumped out of her mouth onto the floor.  The tooth fairy came that night & left a crisp $1 bill in our tooth pillow.  Then the following day Taya started choking at dinner & coughed out her other tooth.  She almost swallowed it.  Two for two.  Once again the tooth fairy had to make her rounds with another $1 bill.  Taya was thrilled.

We visited the dentist yesterday.  No cavities, but the dentist looked in her mouth & told me that her two top front teeth are WAY loose (why doesn't she tell me these things?) & she should lose both of them within 2 weeks. 

Always in twos.

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