Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Very Nancy Christmas

My friend Nancy always spoils our family rotten for Christmas.  She doesn't have any family so she adopted us as her family & she gifts us every Christmas with gifts of clothes, shoes, & all the basic necessities.  We LOVE it.  She takes such good care of us.  She is seriously the very best gift giver in the entire world.  She just KNOWS what we need & picks out the most adorable versions of it.

Everybody got a big pile of presents from her this year.

The kids are set for shoes, coats, & clothes for the winter.  We are SO grateful for all the wonderful gifts she gives.

I always get spoiled the most.  There's always an "Open Me Last" gift which is always some sort of gemstone.  This year she gave me a 2 karat Morganite & diamond ring in rose gold.  It's just stunning.

Thank you Nancy for being our family's real life "Fairy Godmother!"

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