Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy December

December still seems like a blur to me.  The month went by SO quickly & it seemed to be super busy with getting the kids regulated in their new schools, putting final touches on the new house, & settling ourselves.  But is was a great month & who doesn't love the Christmas season?

We got to set up our brand new Christmas tree.  We bought it the day after Christmas last year & it looks beautiful in our home.  We are SO pleased with it.

Opa works in San Francisco & this area a lot so he got to stop by & visit us one night in December.  The kids were THRILLED to see Opa.  It's always fun having family so close.

With the older 4 kids in school, it left lots of cuddle time for me & Canyon.  My favorite part of the day is cuddling with him during nap time.

And Tylee visited us twice in December.  My kids LOVE Auntie Tylee.

We attended our fair share of Christmas parties & celebrations.  The kids even got to see Santa a few times this month.

I love the picture of Craiger & Canyon on Santa's lap.  Craiger's face is full of magic & excitement while Canyon is not so sure about sitting on this scary guy's lap.  It totally fits their little personalities.  I love my kids so much.

And like every Christmas season, the month was filled with several trips to the mall.  The boys & I have discovered a little piece of heaven at our mall called The Potato Factory.  You get to pick your favorite type of fry & add your favorite flavor to it.  HEAVEN for french fry lovers.  The boys like the cheddar flavor & I live for the BBQ.  Going to the mall has never been so delicious.

Even though the month passed us by quickly, it was wonderful.  It all led up to one of the best Christmas' we've ever had.

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