Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Surprise

We give our kids 3 gifts each year for Christmas.  We try to keep things focused on our Savior Jesus Christ who received 3 gifts from the wise men, so we stick to 3 gifts as well to remember him.  Our gifts consist of 1 want gift, 1 need gift, & 1 spiritual/church related gift.  

Well, Monday night we sat all the kids down & presented them with their "want" gift from us.  They were VERY confused at first & didn't want to open their gift until Christmas.  But they opened them when we told them they needed to open them early.

Inside each gift was a t-shirt with Mickey or Minnie Mouse on it.  They were even more confused because usually their "need" gifts were clothes . . . NOT their "want" gifts.  Uncle Talon stood up in front of their confused little faces & asked them, 

"Where do you think you would wear shirts with Mickey & Minnie on them?"

The younger kids didn't get it, but the looks on Cadence & Lorien's faces were priceless!


There were screams, smiles, & even some tears at this announcement.  Poor Taya couldn't stop crying.  It's been years since we've been to Disneyland & my kids love it as much as we do.  They were crying tears of joy.  It was a GREAT surprise.

I've been looking forward to this surprise for several months now.  I was SO excited.

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