Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always the most exciting day of the year.  We spent Christmas Eve this year at Grandma Kinsfather's house in Redondo Beach.  Grandma & Anthony were there as well as Auntie Marc, Auntie Char & Uncle Jay, & the rest of us.  It was nice being with Oma's whole family that special night.

I also had the opportunity to spend the day with my friend Nancy.  Nancy is our family's Fairy Godmother.  I met her on an airplane when I was 17 & we've been friends ever since.  Nancy spoils our family rotten because she has no family to spoil.  So we call her Auntie Nancy since she's pretty much been inducted to the Potter family.  We spent the morning shopping (she bought me a beautiful faux fur coat & some ankle boots) & then we went up to Grandma's house for Christmas Eve dinner.

It was a blast.  We listened to Christmas music, ate delicious food, watched our homemade nativity video that we acted out Monday night, & just enjoyed one another's company.

After the dinner festivities, we drove to the Los Angeles Temple to see the lights.  The Christmas lights there are spectacular.

I also had the chance to see my dear friends Jim & Bambi Council who are currently serving a mission there on the temple grounds.  Jim was a high councilor in our ward in Virginia.  It was SO fun seeing a familiar face.  It's nice to see they are doing well here on their mission.

When we finally arrived home around 8:30, we walked in the front door & to our surprise, Santa had already visited us.  There were 9 little wrapped packages next to the fireplace, one for each grandchild.

Inside were brand new pajamas for each of the kids to wear for Christmas.  They were SO excited to go to bed after that.

But before everyone went to sleep, we set out a plate of cookies as well as letters for Santa.  I took pictures of the letters from my girls.  They were so beautiful.  My kids are such good kids.  They make me so proud.

And then everyone went to bed, excited to find out what surprises lied in store the next morning.

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