Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bladen's Birthday at School

My favorite days of the school year are the days I get to go celebrate my kids' birthdays with them at lunch with all their friends.  Bladen was SO excited for me to come have lunch with him.

After lunch we got to go back to his class & have his whole class sing Happy Birthday to him.  Poor kid is SO shy that he almost cried as they sang to him.  He's got the sweetest teacher this year.  She has been SO good for him.

I offered to make cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, & all sorts of things for Bladen to take to his class since this school allows homemade treats, but much to my surprise he asked for ice cream.  He's hated ice cream since he was a baby & just in the last 6 months he's decided he loves it.  So I bought those cute little ice cream cups for his class.  He was THRILLED.

Happy Birthday Mannos!  What a sweet little 7 year old I have.

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