Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Break Family Fun

Spring Break was just a couple weeks after Easter so we decided to take it easy & get things done around the house.  Of course I was clumsy enough to fall down the stairs & break my foot in 2 places the day Spring Break started, so I slowed everyone down a bit for the first few days, but we all survived & we had fun even if "mom" couldn't walk.

We went to the library for story time & Craiger's preschool on morning & took the kids to the yummy gelato shop downtown afterwards.  It was their first time having gelato since we lived in Germany.  It was SO good.

The boys insisted on camping out together the entire week.  It was so cute seeing them do EVERYTHING together including sleeping in the same bed.  I love those kids so much.

There was a lot of lego fun during the week as well as some awesome 80's movies.  We watched Goonies & ET with the kids for the first time.  They loved them both.

Trek's sister, Triskin moved from Alabama to Pittsburg, CA during Spring Break as well.  We hardly ever see Triskin because she's always lived so far away, but now she's literally less than an hour's drive from us.  We went up & helped her move into her new place & then spent the afternoon with them at Chuck-E-Cheeses.

Opa & Oma let Bladen open his birthday presents from them while they were here helping Triskin move.  He LOVES his new little dragon & knight action figures.

Lorien & I managed to get new haircuts during spring break as well.  Lorien chopped hers super short like mine & we really are twinners now.  It's darling on her.

And Opa visited a few times in the 10 days the kids were off of school.  Did I mention how much I LOVE living close to family again?

Trek took me out on a date for some fancy Mexican food.  Personally I don't feel like potatoes & carrots belong in a Mexican food burrito, but hey, we live in fancy land now so I guess I have to get used to the way they do things here.  It was fun trying something fancy for a change.

And to finish off Spring Break, we took the kids to a park where we had a picnic lunch & spent the afternoon playing on the swings, slides, & climbing wall.  The kids had a blast.

Bladen amazes me with his climbing skills.  That kid is going to give me a heart attack, but he's amazing at climbing.  He's going to be awesome as a boy scout.

And I had to laugh at Cadence.  She read the WHOLE time.  At least I know she loves to read.

So even though I was not mobile for most of Spring Break, we still had a lot of fun as a family.  I love spending time with my kiddos.

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