Wednesday, May 25, 2016


So in my church, we serve each other in different callings (or jobs).  These callings can last 3 months or 5 years depending on the calling.  You don't get fired from your calling, you get released & then you receive a new calling.  Over several years, you gain a lot of experience in many different areas in the church.  Oh, & I'll add that every calling in our church done without pay.  It's all done freely in service form like the Savior served those in his church.

Anyway, I've held several callings in the church over the years.  Currently I have 2 callings & I love them both.  I'm the music director for the children in my church unit which really is my favorite calling ever.  I love teaching them music & singing with them every Sunday.  I love the kids.  My 2nd calling right now is a short-term calling (just 4 months).  I get to be a leader for the summer girls camp for the teenagers ages 12-18.  Camp is only 1 week long in June, but it takes months to prepare.  It's been a lot of fun.  I went to girls camp 6 times as a teenager & I've gone 6 times as a leader.  This will be my 7th time as a leader & I'm doing new things I haven't done before so it's great fun.

One of the things I am in charge of this time around is a 3 mile hike.  So I went up a few weeks ago to map out a trail for my girls (I'm over the first year campers - so the 12 year olds).  The Santa Cruz mountains are gorgeous.  I've never seen a redwood up close & personal & knowing that I get to camp in them really excites me.  My hike is hard.  It needs to be hard.  I need to teach these girls that they can do hard things in life.  It will be good for them.  Trek & I really enjoyed the 3 hours we had together up there exploring the trees & the forest.  It's going to be a great camp.


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