Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Battle Wounds

Well, it's finally happened. They lasted a lot longer than I expected, but I still hate to see it happen.

Cadence & Lorien have discovered that they can hurt each other with more than just words. I was getting used to breaking up the word battles, but the physical ones are a little more difficult for me simply because I'm not used to them. (Everyone tells me the physical ones are 10 times easier than the dramatic ones, but I don't know.)

Lorien did something to make Cadence mad & Lorien somehow wound up with a bloody nose & lip (you can see the swelling under her nose in the picture) & a gash across her back. I'm still uncertain how the nose issue happened, but the gash was done by Cadence hitting Lorien in the back with a pole from their princess tent. Once Cadence saw the blood, she felt terrible. She couldn't stop trying to console her sister (I don't know if from fear of punishment or if it was completely sincere love. . . .I'm saying sincere love because I have faith in my kids that they know when they've done something wrong & feel the need to fix it.) Cadence even cried. They were hugging for the rest of the night. So that made me happy. I hope this doesn't happen again. I don't like it one bit!

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