Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lunch with Cadence

Occasionally I take Taya & Bladen to Cadence's school at lunchtime so we can each lunch with her & her class. Cadence LOVES it. So does Taya. Taya idolizes Cadence & she loves to eat, so to her it's the best of both worlds. Every morning when we get ready for the day, Taya grabs her Wall-e lunchbox & brings it to me. Most of the time I have to tell her no, which makes her sad, but every now & again I can find the time to make the trip to the school so I get to tell her YES! So Friday morning when Taya brought me her "box" (that's what she calls it), I took it from her & said "What would you like today?" She started jumping up & down excitedly with a huge smile on her little face. "Sandwich!" So I added the sandwich. "Juice!" I didn't have juice box, but I put a box of chocolate milk inside. "Nack" which means snack. I pulled out the snack bowl & she picked out a nutragrain bar. "Grape" so I added some grapes. I zipped it up & we put it on the table until it was time to go.

We met Cadence in her classroom & walked with her to the lunch room. I love eating with her. I love talking to her teacher & to her classmates. And I just love to be there to listen about her day & snuggle up to her. Taya loves it too. We really need to do it more often.

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