Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin Brains

So I made pumpkin brains for the kids the other night. They all had fun with this one.

First you get an orange bell pepper & take all the insides out. Keep the top though so you can put it on top of your brains. Then CARVE your pepper with a jack-o-lantern face just like you would a pumpkin. Each of the kids' "pumpkins" were different. It was fun carving them with their different "Personalities."

Then you cook some spaghetti any way you like it & fill your pepper pumpkin overflowing with the BRAINS! Put the lid on top & you've got yourself one FRIGHTFUL dinner that the kids will love! Plus you get them to eat a pepper!! VEGGIES!! Anything to make VEGGIES fun right?

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