Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fruit Loop Tree

I've started taking Taya to a group on base called Creative Critters. It's for the little kids who don't go to school & it is a blast. Each time you make a craft, eat a snack, have some kind of a activity (song time, story time, etc.), & then play in the gym until it's time to go. Taya loves it.

For the craft this week we did leaf rubbing with crayons. . .Taya just colored on paper. She didn't have the patience for the rubbing. And then we made fruit loop sand trees. She LOVED this. Mommy drew a tree on a paper & then outlined it in glue. Taya crushed up fruit loops into sand & sprinkled it all over the glue. When it dried, it was in the tree shape. She thought that was SO COOL! She was very proud of her creation.

Then we ate fruit loops, sang songs, & played with balls in the gym. It was a ton of fun. We'll definitely be going back for the next one.

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