Saturday, October 17, 2009

Drama Queens

Whoa. I have drama queens for daughters. Trek peeked into the toy room this morning & found Cadence acting out this dramatic scene. . .she asked him to get the camera so he could video "her performance." Oh Goodness!! This entire scene she was making up on the spot. She LOVES to make up her own songs to tell stories. I thought it was cute.

And then, of course, Lorien walked in on the whole scene & wanted to do one too. So here is her cute little dramatic moment.

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  1. You know that One Day Cadence is going to win an Academy Award and I speak to go to the Oscars with her! MIMI! yes, me, I speak now. ha ha ha. that is so dang cute of both of them. What hams they are! Even making the songs rhyme at just the right time. I watched it over and over. I'm so proud!