Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Field Day

Friday, June 4th was Cadence's field day at school. All the kids got to spend the last 2 hours of school outside participating in some good exercise games. It was a very hot day in Germany & the kids were sweating like crazy, but it felt SO good to be hot instead of the typical freezing feeling we get here. I decided to throw the other 3 kiddos in a stroller & we watched Cadence play all the fun games with her friends.

Cadence's favorite game is always the giant parachute. They ran in circles & threw balls on top. The girls ran underneath while the boys tried to capture them & vice versa. Super fun stuff.

They played a little soccer with kickballs. Cadence definitely isn't a "sporty" girl, but she did alright. She had fun & that was the most important thing.

They also played football. Cadence throwing a football made me chuckle. She's so cute. But boy can that girl catch!!! If she were to ever play sports, she'd be a catcher for sure.

They also played a game of keep-away with a rubber frog. The kids loved that. The frog was so much fun to touch. Even Lorien & Taya got a chance to hold it.

Cadence is going to miss her 2 best friends from school: Braeden & Hayden. The 3 Musketeers. They were inseparable & SUPER CUTE together. We're going to miss them!

At the end of the day, the kids got about 15 minutes on the new playground to run around & have a blast. Lorien & Taya got to play as well. There is nothing like playing at the park on a sunny day in Germany with my 4 kids. I LOVE IT.

So, it was lots & lots of fun. Cadence had a blast & we had fun watching her.


  1. Is this cadence?? it looks like her but it looks like her hair is real short!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah, it's Cadence, but her hair is actually getting really long again. The school said they needed their hair up in pony-tails for Field Day, so I have it up in a pony!