Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Lorien accidentally opened the door on Taya's toe last night. It literally ripped off the top few layers of skin on her big toe as well as shattered her toenail halfway down. It bled for what seemed like FOREVER! I've been so lucky to only have a couple of "incidents" with the kids in their lives, but when something like this happens, it reminds me to be thankful for how accident free my kids really are. In the picture you can see a blister-like lump on top of her toe: that's the flap of skin that is just sitting on top. When that is off it literally flattens the top of the toe like the tip is missing (well I guess it sort of is isn't it?). Then the entire top half of her toenail is black now. It's going to fall off over the next week or so. Ugh. Poor baby is walking with a limp. The only way I can get her to walk at all is if there is a band-aid on it. Poor Taya. She's been such a good sport & hopefully lots & lots of kisses help too because that's what I'm best at!

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  1. Even with a bad toe it looks better than mine.