Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Land is a very happy place. It makes my kids very happy, which in turn, makes me very happy too! Seriously though, it's one of those places you walk into & think "Oh man, am I going to catch some horrible disease from touching something in here?" It kind of makes me laugh. Talk about "GHETTO" but SUPER SUPER FUN!

Taya's favorite spot is the roller slides. You have to love Germany & their death-trap playgrounds. This is a slide made out of metal rollers (we're talking losing your fingers if they get caught in between the rollers) that you go down on a piece of thin carpet. We came here for a birthday party once & a kid slid off the carpet, fell face first, & the rollers knocked out his front tooth! I remember all us parents looking for the tooth between the rollers. But Taya & Bladen love it!

My personal favorite is the pull-swings. You sit in these metal seats (without any kind of seatbelts whatsoever. . . & completely open ends) & pull on the rope which in turn makes you swing. I LOVE THESE. They are scary as scary can be once you get going really high & you remind yourself that there is nothing holding you in, but for some reason I LOVE THEM. Taya likes to ride them with me. Cadence & Lorien are both "too cool" to ride with Mommy.

Lorien loves the trampoline area. There are 6 of the best trampolines in the world here. They are SO different than a trampoline you jump on in your backyard. It's hilarious watching adults jump on these. You literally can jump higher than you've ever jumped in your life. Lorien was doing little flips & what-not the entire time we were there. I was having a blast watching a bunch of drunk dad's try & out-jump each other. They literally looked like they were going to break something if they landed wrong. They were SO HIGH in the air! It was nuts!

Bladen had fun in the baby area obstacle course. Daddy helped him get up inside, but then he roamed around forever on his own. He was having a blast.

Taya found Cadence at Cadence's favorite place: the blow up obstacle course & HUGE blow-up slide. Taya would only go down the slide with Cadence. She was too scared to go down by herself. Cadence was going crazy on this thing though. Head first, feet first, rolling, bouncing, surfing. It's fun to see her getting braver as she gets older. She's a cutie pie.

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  1. Wish our back yard looked like that. My grand-kids look so good.