Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Father's Day Trekkie!

Poor Trek. For Father's Day this year, he got a bummer deal for breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed on Father's Day is a tradition in our house. But we just packed all our stuff up so we have NOTHING! Trek & I are sharing a double sized bed that the base is lending us & since I have no kitchen pans or utensils, Trek got a bowl of raisin bran for his father's day breakfast. Poor guy! I promised him a fabulous biscuits & gravy breakfast when we get settled in our new house to make up for it. But he had a good father's day. The kids each got him a cute card & we all got him a $50 gift certificate to itunes to buy stuff for his iPod. He was happy about that.

Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband. I love you!

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