Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lorien's last day of Kinderschule

Lorien's last day at school here in Germany was much harder than any of us thought it would be. Lorien made each of her 3 teachers adorable candy bar posters that told them how much she loved being in their class. All 3 teachers cried when they got them. Then she wrote each of them a personal letter & drew pictures for each of them. Lorien was all smiles, but the teachers & I were a mess. We couldn't stop crying & hugging each other. I've grown to love them like family. They've been teaching my girls (Cadence first, & now Lorien) for OVER 3 YEARS now! We are really going to miss them.

Kristen & Lorien

Marlena & Lorien

Sonja & Lorien

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