Friday, June 25, 2010

Picking Strawberries

I took the kiddos strawberry picking with some friends on Tuesday. We had SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely LOVE the Wittlich strawberry patches. They're a short drive from home, they're clean, & there are a bazillion red, ripe, strawberries to pick. Oh & did I mention they are dirt cheap if you pick them yourself?

Bladen wasn't too sure about them. He kept licking them & then would throw them down. I think the texture of the outside of the strawberry bothered him. But once I bit the tip off & he got the yummy goodness inside, he loved them.

Cadence was hilarious! She's becoming a "tween" & I can't stand it. She's supposed to be my baby girl forever, right? She didn't want to pick with MOM. Heaven's no! She wanted to "chill" with her friends & talk. She did help pick almost a full carton though. . . just not with me.

Lorien is still a momma's girl. Her goal was to get as many of the biggest reddest strawberries in the entire field. She did AWESOME!

Taya was so sweet. She was probably the best picker of all. She just sat in one area & picked & picked & picked. She filled one full carton just by herself. All 3 girls had fun picking together too. I'm so happy my kids get along.

And of course we couldn't escape a day without totally making a mess on another outfit. Thank you Taya for smashing strawberries into your cute strawberry shirt. Little imp.

In the end we ended up with 6 kilograms of strawberries (that's 13 1/2 pounds). We only paid 12 Euro for it too. AMAZING. Look at these berries. They are SO delicious.

Overall, it was a super fun morning. We're sure going to miss Germany & how beautiful it is.

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