Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cadence's Birthday Cake

With me being as pregnant as I am, I'm surprised I even got a cake done this year. ha ha ha. Cadence's 8th birthday was her first sleepover with all her friends, so I wanted to make her a sleepover themed cake. So I made a basic rectangle cake & edged it in purple frosting. Then using marshmallows as pillows & bodies, I made 3 little girls in the center of the cake. I used fruit roll ups as blankets, vanilla wafers as heads, conversation hearts as little lips, & frosting for everything else. They turned out like 3 cute little girls sleeping in beds.

About 30 minutes after I finished the cake, (as I was decorating the table), I turned around only to find Bladen LEANING on my cake (smashing the frosting on the top) & with his finger in the side. Little imp!!! I was so mad I wanted to cry. I called my mom & she started laughing. I guess she stopped making our cakes as soon as my brother turned 2 because he just couldn't stay out of her cakes. That made me laugh because that's right where Bladen is right now. I refrosted the side & made do with what I could. It still was cute for the party.

Cadence loved the cake. She was SO excited to have a sleepover that the cake could have been made of spaghetti & she still would have loved it. I love her so much!

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