Monday, April 4, 2011

Beach Fun

The best part about living in Monterey is being SO CLOSE to the beach. Friday night we decided that it would be fun to grab some Taco Bell & head to the beach for some family time. There were TONS of birds out to get our tacos. . . we were laughing so hard. They were diving trying to steal some from us.

It was a little windy & the tide was really high, so daddy took the girls & Bladen to play in the ocean. I stayed back in the sand area with Craiger (who we were trying to keep warm & toasty) & Taya who just wanted to bury herself in the sand. The waves were pretty big & poor Lorien kept loosing her footing & kept falling into the water. The poor thing kept washing on shore as the waves pushed her in. It didn't help that the waves were taller than she was too.

Because she had fallen in so many times, Lorien finally just clung to daddy every time a big wave was about to hit. She knew daddy would keep her safe.

But we all had fun. It's almost as fun to run away from the waves as it is to stand in the middle of them. I love living this close to the beach.

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