Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bladen's Dinosaur Blankie

This poor blanket has been 2 months in the making. I bought this fabric over a month before Craiger was even born with Bladen in mind. Bladen doesn't have a blanket to call his "own" like the girls do so I wanted to make one for him. I found some DINOSAUR fabric online & ordered it. When it arrived, there were about 10 holes in it where the employee had accidentally sliced through 2 layers of it with a pair of scissors. I was FURIOUS! But what can you do? Sometimes it's more of a hassle to send it back. It was cheap fabric so I wasn't going to go through the trouble.

FINALLY I patched up the holes with an invisible stitch & some invisible thread & they actually look great. You can't even see where the holes were.

My friend kept telling me all this stuff you had to do before you put silk binding onto this type of fabric, but I'm totally lazy so I just started sewing.
Bad Idea!
It was a mess! It was crooked & bunched up all over the place. It looked awful. Usually when I mess up, I just leave it because it's not too horrible, but this was BAD! No, this was TERRIBLE! So I picked out EVERY SINGLE STITCH & started from scratch. This time I did it the right way:

First, I pinned it like crazy. I used every pin I own. Then I tacked it down by hand (hand sewing) to doubly keep it in place. Then I zig zag stitched it at my sewing machine's SLOWEST setting. And that did the trick. It was perfect!

Hooray for finished projects! It looks adorable & Bladen loves it. He carries it around with him everywhere now. I'm glad he likes it!

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