Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Eggs
is always a favorite at Easter time. It's a lot of fun to dip the white eggs into a mug of food coloring & voila! You get gorgeous pastel colored eggs for hiding!

The kids are pros at this now. This is the first year we used just basic food coloring, boiling water, & vinegar. I think I liked our colors better than ANY egg kit we've ever used. The mint green & dusty rose colors were BEAUTIFUL!

We did get a
egg kit from Walmart too. Six of our twenty-four eggs were tie dyed. We simply put droplets of dye straight onto the egg surface & then swished it around with a plastic bag. When the colors mixed it made even more colors. I think our favorite was when we used the primary colors: red, yellow, & blue. There were oranges, purples, & greens when it was finished.

Lorien was the only one that stuck around to do all 24 eggs. Cadence & Taya got bored after about 15. ha ha ha. Lorien is so sweet. She finished them off all by herself.

And so we had a full two dozen eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide for us. They were beautiful!
Great job girlies!

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