Monday, April 25, 2011

Bladen's Crayon Roll

I'm slowly finding that I have VERY little "me" time anymore with 5 kids. (I know, "Duh Dani", but for some reason it surprised me!) But I am managing to find small increments of time here & there to work on my sewing projects. I finished 2 more crayon rolls, one for my nephew for his 3rd birthday & one for Bladen. They both LOVE "Cars" so I did it in a "Cars" theme. I love the checkered flag material. SO CUTE!

And we all know how much I love an excuse to pull out my trusty embroidery machine. I love putting names on things.

Bladen loves it! He carries it around the house with him. However, now I have to watch him like a hawk because he's already colored on 2 windows, a wall, & a door. Little imp! I have it hidden away for SUNDAY ONLY now.

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