Friday, April 1, 2011

Potter Egg Hunt Extravaganza

The last day Oma was here, Tylee drove down from San Francisco & Auntie Marc drove from Santa Cruz to visit. I loved having Oma here. We could be SUPER lazy & enjoyed every second of it. We spent most of the morning as a family in our jammies (which doesn't happen very often in our house)

And Oma made a FABULOUS breakfast of caramel french toast (the same recipe the Disneyland Hotel uses). It's my favorite breakfast!

Tylee kept egging Bladen on by saying "Bladen, where's your food?" He's open his mouth as wide as he could to show us all his food & then we'd all crack up. What a joker.

The kids always love having Auntie Tylee & Auntie Marc here!

And then it was time for the:

Annual Potter Egg Hunt Extravaganza!!!!

Every year when the family can get together (IF they can get together at all), they have a HUGE egg hunt for both the kids AND the adults. Oma goes all out with 200+ eggs filled with more candy than anyone could ever eat & MONEY!!! We (as in the kids AND Trek & I) have been looking forward to the hunt all week long. It's SO exciting. The kids' hunt was first & even Craiger got an egg with $5.00 inside.

Then we let the kids enter the hunt one at a time youngest to oldest. They run & find as many as they can until the eggs are gone. Then they open them up & see what treasures the eggs hold for them.

They got all sorts of good things including a HUGE chocolate bunny for each of them.

Then they frantically started opening their eggs in search of "fortune." Of course it always becomes a contest as to WHO found the MOST money!

Bladen won with $23.00 in his eggs.

Taya found $9.00.

Lorien found $18.00 in hers.

And Cadence was thrilled with the $8.00 she found.

They couldn't wait to add their treasure to the earnings they've been saving all month to buy something really fun at the store. While the girls were excitedly discussing their next purchases, Bladen found true happiness in the one orange sucker he found in the hunt.

And Craiger just cuddled up in Auntie Marc's arms while all the chaos went on around him.

Then the REAL competition kicked in gear. The girls helped Oma hide the eggs for the adults.

And the race. . . I mean, hunt, was on! As adults, we do everything in our power to stop our opponents from gathering ANY eggs. The adult hunt takes much longer because the majority of it is dog-piling, tickling, pushing, shoving, hysterically laughing, screaming.

Luckily Trek & Tylee were at each other's throats the entire time which allowed me to gather TONS of eggs in the kitchen, away from the "fight."

Then it was OUR turns to see who had the most booty! Trek wound up with $11.00 in his eggs.

Tylee creamed us all with a total of 35 eggs & $68.00!!!

And I did pretty well for myself with $18.00.

Even Auntie Marc made out with $10.00. We were RICH!

So to celebrate with all our earnings we all went out to dinner at Islands here in Monterey. They seriously have the best onion rings I've ever had before. YUM!!

It was hard to say goodbye to everyone, but we had a WONDERFUL week. Thank you Oma & Opa for all you did the entire time you were here with us. We had a blast!

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