Monday, April 25, 2011

Lorien's Kindergarten "Egg"stravaganza

Lorien has truly been blessed with an outstanding Kindergarten teacher this year. Ms. Fairman is SO involved with the kids & makes learning SO MUCH FUN for them. She does a class party almost every month for them & asks the parents to be completely involved with the parties. I signed up to do the Easter "Egg"stravaganza party back at the beginning of the year so it was time to plan! We had a blast. A few mom's got together & stuffed 300 eggs with toys, money, stickers, candy, & other fun knick knacks for the kids & then hid them all over the playground. Each kid got to find 10 eggs. They were having a blast!

I also love how Ms. Fairman allows siblings to be a part of all the class parties. Bladen & Taya LOVE going to Lorien's school to play with all the kids. It's great for all of them.

I've grown VERY attached to this class over the span of the school year. This was my first year teaching music on my own to an entire class of 30 kids. It was scary at first, but I quickly got the hang of it & now that the year is almost over, I'm crying at the thought of being done. It's been a great year. I love my little class of music lovers!

Since I volunteered to do this party, I bought an Easter craft way back in January so I'd be prepared when April rolled around. I bought some cute little Easter magnets that the kids could color. . . very simple, yet fun. The kids loved them.

Vincent was so sweet. Bladen was following him around the entire day. Vincent even gave up his seat so Bladen could sit & enjoy what was happening. What a good kid.

Lorien's friend, Tyler, was sweet enough to give Taya a special little Easter egg surprise. She was SO happy!

And Bladen spent most of the party stealing red vines out of the giant tub. I think he ate about 10 of them by the time we were done. Silly boy!

The party was a huge success. I had a blast & the kids did too!

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