Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Cadence's 3rd Grade Birthday Celebration

For Cadence's 9th birthday, her teacher asked if I would be willing to make a treat for the class for Cadence to hand out during her birthday celebration. I decided to make something other than cupcakes this time around. Cadence wanted cake pops so that's what I did. She wanted white cake & cream cheese frosting, dipped in PINK chocolate, & covered in SPRINKLES.

She got to wear the silly birthday hat the entire day. She was a good sport about it.

She was SO EXCITED to pass out the cake pops. Most of the kids had never seen them before. It was such a treat for both them & for me to see them enjoy them for the first time.

I laughed & took lots of pictures while the entire class sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her. She was SO embarrassed, but SO CUTE.

It was a fun little celebration. I'm SO grateful for good teachers who allow kids to have fun & celebrate in the middle of learning. It makes SCHOOL so much more enjoyable for everyone.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

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