Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lorien's Spongebob Birthday Party

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet little Lorien.

For her special day this year she chose Spongebob Squarepants as her birthday theme. I knew that I could make a fun Spongebob cake for her. It took me nearly 3 hours, but it turned out adorable. According to Lorien. . . . "Eh, it'll work." She is SO FUNNY. I love how frank she is about life. She never lies & tells you exactly what's on her mind. That's what makes Lorien unique & I love her for it. . . even if she thinks after 3 hours of hard work that it's just "Eh."

Lorien's favorite color right now is yellow, so the Spongebob theme made it EASY to incorporate the yellow. My friend Nancy sent all the table wear & goodie bags. She did a great job at picking out some really cute things.

In the doorway to the kitchen, I hung some pink balloons with pink streamers to represent "Jellyfish Fields"
the place that Spongebob & Patrick spend every afternoon together. Lorien thought that was VERY FUN.

And we couldn't forget YELLOW SPONGEBOB BALLOONS.

She was SO excited for her friends to arrive.

Lorien is such a beautiful little girl. I still can't believe she is 7 years old. I love her little toothless grin. My nickname for her is "Toothless" so this picture is so adorable to me.

So once the guests arrived, we started out by making little whale crafts. Spongebob lives in the ocean & he is friends with whales. The kids LOVED this.

Then I had each of the kids have a "Mr. Krab's race" to the back door & back. A lot of them had never done a crab walk before & LOVED it. They were bumping into the wall & into each other. I can never get enough of children's giggles. They make me SO happy.

Our big craft of the day was octopus mobiles. I love Oriental Trading. They have the neatest little craft projects for kids. I got 12 of these crafts for about $7.00. The kids spent a good half hour making their little hanging fish & then I helped them hang their fish off of the legs of the octopus. They turned out adorable.

The kids' favorite part was cake & ice cream of course. Every kid LOVES cake & ice cream.

Craiger didn't know what to make of all the excitement. Pete held him for most of the party & all he wanted was to get the ORANGE BALLS & throw them. ha ha ha.

We were lucky enough to have most of Trek's family come in for Lorien's special day. . . mostly because it was a 4 day weekend, but it was SO MUCH FUN. They helped me get everything ready for the party. It was extra exciting having them there.

Lorien got all sorts of fun presents. . . most of which were barbies of some sort. Barbie's are Lorien's favorite things in the world. She was on CLOUD 9.

Lorien has the cutest little friends. She has more boyfriends than girlfriends (which is going to make the teenage years a TON of fun I'm sure) & they all came to celebrate with her. We had a blast!

As we waited for the parents to arrive, we made Under The Sea sticker scenes. The kids loved these too. Lorien sent them off with their crafts, a Spongebob Bingo game, a goody bag FILLED with Spongebob goodies, & a BIG HUG.

It was the bestest Spongebob Birthday EVER.

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