Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lorien's Family Party & Lunch

After Lorien's birthday party with her friends, we sat down & opened presents from the family since most of the Potter family was there anyway. First she opened her present from Trek & I: a set of all 6 Tinkerbell Fairies. She was SO excited. That is what she wanted more than anything else.

Opa & Oma got her all sorts of painting supplies. Lorien loves to paint & now she's SET for all of her painting needs.

Tylee bought Bladen the funniest Star Wars mask ever. He was karate chopping everybody in the room while Lorien was trying to open her presents. We were all laughing hysterically the entire time.

Grandma Kinsfather gave Lorien $10 to spend on anything she wanted & Uncle Tuhk got her the Mermaid Barbie she's been asking for for a while now.

Auntie Tarrish & Auntie Tylee got Lorien a purse/bag that she can color all by herself as well as an adorable Cinderella & Prince Barbie Set.

All of her brothers & sisters gave her a Paper Jamz Drum Set. She was happy with that & so was Mommy (since you can plug headphones into it so mommy doesn't have to hear the banging)

After presents we all went out to a great little Chinese place for lunch. I love going out to lunch as a whole family. It's always a blast.

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