Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Girl's Night Out with Cadence

The last thing I did for Cadence's birthday was take her out for a
Girl's Night Out,
just the two of us. She got a Chili's gift certificate for her birthday from her teacher, so off to Chili's we went.

We got burgers & rice & then I treated her to some ice cream with hot fudge.

After dinner I surprised her with a trip to the beauty salon for a pedicure. She's always wanted one but thought she'd never get one in a thousand years. She started bawling hysterically the minute we walked through the door. She kept asking me if it was for real. It was the sweetest little surprise EVER.

She was giggling most of the time, but it was cute. We talked about school, church, & Harry Potter. I loved this one on one time with her. Trek & I are making this a birthday tradition for the kids. . . (a night out with mom or dad.)

She chose a beautiful red glitter for her hands & feet for Valentine's Day.

And the lady even painted a little flower on her toes. She felt SO SPECIAL.

It was definitely a night to remember. We came home & she didn't say a single word to her sisters about it. She knows I'm taking Lorien to do the same thing in 2 weeks for her birthday & she didn't want to ruin the surprise of it. What a sweet sister.
I love my girls.

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