Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trek's Birthday Party

And what's a birthday without a party? After Trek got home from school, we watched him open all his presents.

Lorien made him a new laptop out of a diaper box (SO SWEET) so he could have something to "play with" after school.

Cadence made him a home made picture frame for his favorite pictures. (again, how sweet are my little girls?)

Trek got some fun things from family & friends. He got some money to buy a computer program he's been wanting for a while now, an outdoor fire pit from his sister, a jigsaw tool from me, some candy from the kids, & some new clothes from Nancy. There were also several nice cards for his special day. Thank you everyone for everything. He loved it all.

And the ONE THING Trek HAD TO HAVE for his birthday was

I don't know what it is with cake pops, but he's obsessed with them. This time around he wanted funfetti cake mix & cream cheese frosting (for the cake ball itself). Then he wanted it dipped in milk chocolate & rolled in Heath Bar crumbles. Spoiled boy!

He's SO happy to be 33.

And then with the cake pops we enjoyed Heath Bar ice cream with Heath Bar chocolate topping. We're just a Heath Bar kind of family.


Happy Birthday Trekkie.

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