Friday, February 3, 2012

My new addiction - Julep Maven

I'm terrible when it comes to beauty products. I love them. I love to do my nails & my girls' nails. I found this program called Julep Maven & I have to admit, I'm addicted. ha ha ha. You take a style quiz on their website & they assign you a style (I'm "Classic with a Twist"), then every month they send you a box of polishes & hand products worth over $45 for $19.99. They send you an email on the 20th of the month that tells you what will be in your box for the month & you have the option to skip the month (if your running low on $$ or if you don't like any of the colors), you can switch your box to a different style if you like the colors in another box better, or you can send the box to a friend instead. I love it.

In my intro box (January) I got a beautiful peachy pink shiny color called Maya & a beautiful periwinkle color called Taylor which ended up being my girls' favorite color EVER. I also got a really nice hand brightening lotion worth $32 on it's own. I was hooked.

For February's box I chose to switch to "Boho Glam" because I wanted that blue color really badly. Since it's the month of the Oscar's, Julep decorated the boxes in red & gold & included a chocolate Oscar Statue in every box. It was SO FUN. 100 customers got Oscar Gold Boxes which had $100+ worth of polishes inside. Mine wasn't golden, but I loved everything in it.

My box included Oscar (gold glitter polish), Marisa (a gorgeous shimmery blue), & Julep's famous cuticle oil. I'm in love with all 3. Lorien gets hang nails constantly so I've been using the cuticle oil on her all week & it's working miracles on her poor little fingers. Amazing stuff.

Anyway, I just wanted to share. I'm addicted. ha ha ha. Look at my pretty nails.

For more information on the Julep Maven subscription, go here.

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