Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Craiger's All Star 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Little Craiger.

I can't believe he's already one year old. Where has the time gone? First birthday parties are fun for us. We don't invite friends or anything, but we hang out as a family & have a BLAST with the birthday boy. Craiger LOVES balls so I made him his
He was SO excited.

Then I made cupcakes for the rest of the kids. It was an ALL-STAR 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY.

First we let him open up all his presents. He was NOT interested in opening, but he would cry every time we'd take a new toy away so he could open something else. Kids are SO funny.

He got all sorts of fun things. He got some cute outfits from Nancy & Auntie Char & Uncle Jay. He got some money from both great-grandmothers. He got a truck & car toy from Mimi & Baba.

He got a cute little play phone from Uncle Justin & Auntie Cari.

And a big farm playset from Opa & Oma.

His brother & sisters got him a magnetic farm toy to play with on the fridge while mommy makes dinner.

And mommy & daddy got him a toy bus. He was pretty EXCITED about it.

So was Bladen.

Then it was time for cake. We stripped him down to his diaper & let him go to town. The first thing he did was grab the candle as soon as we started singing. . . bad parents. :-( He burned his poor little hand pretty badly. He's just too quick for us.

But once we got his poor little hand taken care of, he dove right into that cake & loved every second of it.

Once he was a mess, he started moving around the tarp to try to escape the frosting that was hardening all over his body. It was scaring him. (We were laughing SO hard.)

He couldn't get away & laid down to cry. Poor baby.

But then he started to roll towards my floor & I started getting jumpy because the last thing I wanted was a mess on my floor. ha ha ha. He could see I was nervous about it so he, being the BOY that he is, started going towards the edge of the tarp just to see me panic. He would laugh every time & pretty soon we were all giggling.

Pretty soon he had had enough. He crawled over to his daddy's leg & laid down on it (making Trek's pants a total mess.) He was done.

Okay, maybe ONE MORE BITE.

We had SO MUCH FUN. Happy birthday Monster. We love you SO MUCH.

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