Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's Nothing Like Hanging out with Family

While Trek's family was here over Lorien's birthday weekend, we were able to have TONS of fun hanging out here in Seaside. Oma & Grandma Kinsfather LOVED taking the girls to school in the morning & picking them up in the afternoon.

Auntie Marc & Oma bought about 6 magazines for us to read over the weekend. It was hilarious how we'd all just sit on the couch, each with our own magazines, & then we'd read during the kids' naps. I actually read all 6 of them cover to cover by the time everyone left on Monday morning. Is that awful or what?

While I made the cake for Lorien's birthday party, Oma, Grandma, & Tarrish took the kids to the park to keep them away from the cake. They had SO MUCH FUN.

We had SO MUCH FUN during Lorien's party. Everybody was such a good help to me & took good care of the little guys so I could take care of Lorien & make her day extra special.

The best part of the entire weekend was sitting together as a family telling stories & just loving one another. Those are always the best & most memorable moments for any family. I LOVE talking with the Potters. They are WONDERFUL.

And no visit from Opa would be complete without bedtime storytelling. All the kids climb up into the tallest bunk & Opa tells them their favorite stories: The 10 Little Goslings, The Magic Fish, Billy Goats Gruff, etc. It's the highlight of the day.

Most of the weekend was dedicated to Lorien of course, but Opa, Pete, Tuhk, & Trek were able to start building our triple decker bunk bed for the girls too. They got it close to being finished. I'll dedicate a whole blog entry to the beds as soon as we get them finished & in the girls' room. Thanks for coming FAMILY. We love you all SO MUCH.

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