Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Day 2 - My Body Day

Welcome to Day 2 of our Spring Break Spectacular:
My Body Day

I found this AWESOME Magic Treehouse Science kit all about your body & couldn't resist it. It had a HUGE life-size poster of the human body with little facts all over it. It came with TONS of stickers to put on the poster as you learn about each organ, bone, & muscle & then it came with about 10 experiments to do with your kids to help them better understand their bodies & how they work. I learned a ton from it too. I love SCIENCE.

The kids couldn't wait to get started learning about their bodies & BIG MUSCLES.
ha ha ha

Craiger just kept trying to pull the poster down the little imp.

We learned about each & every organ, bone, & muscle in our body & then put the matching stickers on our poster to complete it.

The girls were SO proud when we finished. It took almost an hour to learn it all, but they did it. I was proud of them for wanting to learn.

I surprised the kids with a kid doctor kit. They thought that was the coolest thing ever. They each took turns being the doctor & being the patient. Bladen just wanted to be the patient over & over & over again. He had NO interest in being the doctor. The girls LOVED it though. They were DARLING.

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho it's off to the doctor we go. Today was Craiger's 1 year check up so we brought the whole crew along. There's nothing like dragging 5 kids to the doctor's office at 9 in the morning to watch my poor little guy get 4 shots in the leg. :-( Poor little guy.

The kids had a great outlook though. They were really excited . . . . . . at first.

An hour later when we were still waiting to be seen on the other hand. . . .

They really were troopers considering we were there for over an hour & a half. Craiger did great & barely even cried. We were happy to go home again.

After the doctor, the little ones were exhausted from sitting so long so I made a quick lunch & sent them off for a nap. While they napped, I did some body experiments with the older girls to keep them learning all day long.

First we talked about bones & joints. We made a bone out out of cardboard (rolled up) & a ping pong ball. Then I showed them how bones & joints move. Then I added oil to the base to make the joint roll even easier & taught them about Synovial Fluid. They were fascinated.

Then we talked about muscles & how they are what make the bones move. I showed them how muscles contract & relax by using 2 straws attached to a paper leg. As the "leg" bends, the "muscle" gets longer & shorter. They practiced feeling their calve muscles contract & relax. They were also very fascinated by their Achilles tendon.

Cadence's favorite experiment of the day was the Diaphragm experiment. We cut a bottle in half, taped latex to the bottom & added a balloon to the top. When you push on the "diaphragm" the balloon blows up just like our lungs do when we inhale. When you pull it out, it deflates like our lungs do when we exhale. They thought that was SO COOL.

And we were off to the DENTIST. All three girls had appointments this afternoon so we talked a little bit about teeth & how to take care of them before we even left the house. The girls couldn't wait to get their teeth cleaned with the "spinny brush." Dr. Higginbotham is great. He literally lets us be the only patients at the end of the day so my kids have full reign of the office without worrying about "bothering" anyone. He even got a big basket of toys out for them.

Two minutes after we got checked in, Craiger started making this face:

And then this one . . . (there's nothing like having to change THAT kind of diaper at a dentist's office while you kids are running wild around the building. Ugh.)

Lorien was first. All is well in her cutie pie mouth. No cavities for her.

Cadence is fearless at the dentist. She even got the trays of fluoride in there without gagging. I gag every time they try to do it on me. No cavities for her either.

Taya was a little scared so we read "The Tooth Book" by Dr. Suess to ease the nerves a little bit.

She was scared until the dentist handed her an Ariel toothbrush. She was fine after that. She just couldn't wait to get home & use her new toothbrush. No cavities for Taya either.

Then Dr. Higginbotham came out & gave the kids a lesson on taking care of their teeth & mouths. They each got floss, toothpaste, & new toothbrushes. Hooray for DENTISTS.

After the dentist we came home for a couple more body experiments. I taught the girls how to make a homemade stethoscope out of tubes, a funnel, & a balloon. I love these because they work wonderfully even though they are cheaply made. The girls were listening to each other's heartbeats all afternoon.

Our last lesson of the day was about how our ears work. The girls had NO IDEA that balance comes from your inner ears. I taught them about fluid in your ears & how when you spin around & suddenly stop, the fluid still spins just like glitter & water in a bottle. The bottle may stop spinning but the glitter keeps on moving. It's the same with your ears. Your body spins & spins, but when it stops, the fluid in your ears is still moving causing you to lose you balance easily. They made themselves VERY DIZZY trying this out.

Tonight was Lorien's favorite dinner: Ramen Noodles, oranges, & garlic breadsticks. Most of us were cringing at this one, but it's her favorite so we did it for her.

She was SO happy. That's what I love about Lo. She's a spunky, happy little girl. NOTHING gets her down. Even in the worst of situations she's smiling, singing, dancing, & making everyone around her happy. . . not to mention she's naturally HILARIOUS. Thank you adding the laughter to our lives "Lo-Li-O!" Mommy loves you.

Off to get tomorrow ready: WATER DAY

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