Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Day 1 - Outside Day

Happy Spring Break.

For Spring Break every year, I plan a fun-filled week of learning & excitement for the kids. It's my way of keeping them busy so they don't get bored & so I don't go insane. For day 1 of our week I planned an OUTSIDE DAY. I made a cute little outside picture scene on a door & let the kids take turns picking a picture off the board. On the back of each picture was an activity that we would do together. We had a BLAST.

Bladen got to pick our first picture from the picture board: PUNCH BALLOONS

Why do kids love these so much? I loved these as a kid too. I remember my mom buying these for my brother & me all the time. My kids LOVE them. We managed to play for almost 30 minutes before we had our first "POPPING" incident. They all kind of popped after that. But they were fun while they lasted.

Cadence picked the cloud from our picture board: Ride Bikes

My kids love riding bikes, scooters, wagons, ANYTHING really. We slapped on some helmets & had fun in the sun for almost an hour.

Lorien picked the little blue-bird: Take a walk to the BX & buy treats.

They were SO excited. We packed up a stroller & walked all the way to the store.

And they each picked out a treat. Then we walked back home again.

Craiger grabbed the sunshine from our picture board & it said to have a PICNIC at the park for lunch. My kids were SO excited even though they totally knew that was coming. I promised them lots of picnics this week. I took them to Subway & we each got a sandwich & we took them to the park & ate them all up.

Then we all played of course! This was the first time I allowed Craiger to roam free through the playground area. He LOVED the freedom.

It was Taya's turn to pick a picture & she picked the red tulip: BUBBLES.

My kids LOVE bubbles. They can blow bubbles for hours. Bladen is the best of the whole bunch which surprises me since he's only 2. But he can whip out twice as many bubbles as the rest of them.

Craiger had fun popping all the bubbles they blew to him.

It was Bladen's turn to pick again & he picked the little pink rose: Jump Rope.
I LOVE watching my kids jump rope. For some reason, it makes me laugh. My kids all jump rope differently. It amazes me how different they all are.

Lorien doesn't "jump" rope. . . she "skip" ropes. I could never do it that way, but she manages to keep the rope going for a pretty long time just by skipping with one foot up in the air. It's really cute.

Cadence is a harsh jump roper. She goes fast & does single jumps that make her land on her feet really hard. She gets airborne too. SO funny. When it comes to jump roping. . . Cadence has the skills.

Taya hasn't got a clue. But she sure is cute.

Bladen is determined. He watched all of his sisters do it & tried as hard as he could to do the same thing they were doing. He didn't quite get it all the way, but he was close. He's going to be a very determined kid. He's going to be my kid that works really hard to accomplish things.

The last picture picked for the day was the grass: KICKBALL.

The kids could hardly contain themselves. I bought them a new orange ball & we took it straight to the park to play. They kicked the ball back & forth for almost an HOUR.

Lorien CRACKS ME UP. This little girl is such a tomboy that loves sports that she puts her heart & soul into every movement. You should watch her kick a ball. You'd think she was playing the last second of overtime in the Olympics or something. I had to take some pictures of her in action because it was SO FUNNY. What a cutie pie.

Cadence is too prissy to kick a ball. She was funny to watch too. She was doing everything she could to stay standing upright so she wouldn't get dirty at ALL.

Taya was scared of the ball & barely touched it with her toes. Silly girl.

Bladen liked playing with the ball, but then he found a stick & that's all he was interested in for the rest of the afternoon. "Look Mommy, I found a sword." BOYS.

Tonight was Cadence's special night. I cooked her favorite dinner & while we ate dinner we went around the table & each of us told Cadence what we loved about her. The kids love this. It's SO sweet to hear what they have to say to one another. It always brings tears to my eyes.

And Cadence loved it too, of course. I made lasagna, spinach & strawberry salad, & Hawaiian sweet rolls. HER FAVORITE. Cadence is my smart, sweet little brainiac of a girl. She's beautiful both inside & out. Out of all my kids, she reminds me of me the most. We have so many thing in common. Cadence is a nice person & is SO good to people. Everyone loves her. I love you sweetie pie.

Day 1 is done & it's time to prepare for tomorrow: MY BODY DAY

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