Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break Day 3 - Water Day

Day 3 of our Spring Break Spectacular is always my kids' favorite day:

So, before they even got dressed this morning, I brought out a big blue bag full of surprises. Bladen was the first to reach inside & pull something out. He pulled out a toy boat. . . it was time to go to the pool & SWIM. The kids were bouncing off the walls in excitement. They LOVE swimming. We have a pool literally a block from our house so we got in our swimsuits & walked up to the pool. We were there for almost 2 hours & I had to DRAG the kids out when it was time to go. I swear they'd all be pruney little old people if I'd let them swim for the 8 hours they want to.

Craiger has an infection on his foot right now & can't swim so he hung out with me on dry land while the fishes enjoyed their swim time.

We swam for so long that I had to run & get groceries after swimming & then it was time for lunch & nap. I felt bad we didn't get to do any more water activities. But we let the kids take an extra short nap today so we could catch up & have some more fun.

But first. . . we all drank a big CUP OF WATER.

It was Taya's turn to pick out of the bag & she pulled out a WATER GUN.

Oh my goodness. This was my favorite activity of the day. It was HILARIOUS.

Bladen was SO excited about having a gun & shooting other people with water, but heaven forbid anyone hit HIM with their water gun. He had the funniest faces the entire time we played.

Bladen LOVED sneaking up on Taya so he could squirt her in the face when she least suspected it. It was mean. . . but I was laughing so hysterically I couldn't stop him.

But every time Taya got him back, he'd start crying.

The kids played for about 40 minutes just squirting each other like crazy. Once the heavy tears started, it was time to stop.

Lorien pulled the next surprise out of the big blue bag: a SLIPPIN SLIDE. I bought this guy last fall when it went on clearance for $2.00. I've been saving it for spring break & was SO excited to break it out. We got the kids back in their swim suits & I hooked the whole thing up. I put Craiger in his stroller & wheeled him out on the porch while I started the water. I didn't realize the water was SO powerful that it was literally POURING down on Craiger. Poor thing. He was soaked to the bone.

Our backyard here is TINY so there was no room to RUN before sliding, but the kids made do with what they had & had a blast.

Lorien is definitely Trek's child. She got the grand idea that it would be funner to dangle the slippin slide down our real slide. I let them try it knowing it wouldn't work. They thought they were SO COOL, but HATED it. So we put it back where it was to begin with.

After an hour on the slippin slide, Cadence pulled a package of water balloons out of the big blue bag. HOORAY for water balloon tosses.

Bladen & Taya had no idea there was WATER in the balloons. They both screamed when their first balloon popped at their feet.

Bladen claimed the very last water balloon as his own.

He refused to throw it to ANYONE because he didn't want it to pop. In the end he managed to pop it with his fingers without even trying. He was heartbroken after that.

The last activity of the day was WATERCOLOR PAINTING. All my kids LOVE to paint so this was a good wind-down activity while I made dinner.

Lorien was SO proud of hers. She showed it to me & said "This is EXPRESSIVE art." It was basically a bunch of scribbles & colors. Normally she paints really beautiful flowers or scenery. This was just funny to me. She was EXPRESSING herself. ;-)

Cadence painted a mountain sunrise scene. It was very pretty.

After all the WATER FUN was done, it was time for Taya's special dinner. Taya LOVES bean tacos. I know. . . gross right? She likes beans smeared on a flour tortilla, then your wrap THAT tortilla around a crisp taco shell full of beans & cheese. That's how she likes it. Silly girl. I made normal tacos & fresh salsa for the rest of us. But she LOVED her special dinner.

Taya, who has always been my wild child, is the peacemaker in our home. It's hard to be angry or upset when Taya's around. You can't help but smile when she's around. She just has that effect on you. Yes, she's CRAZY, but she's SO sweet & SO CUTE. We love her SO much & our family wouldn't be the same without her.

Day 3 is done & I'm off to start some SCIENCE PROJECTS for tomorrow: SCIENCE DAY

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