Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

Hooray for St. Patrick's Day. Even though it was a Saturday, I woke my kids up at the crack of dawn because I was so excited. They were pretty excited too.

First we had a GREEN BREAKFAST.

We had green scrambled eggs, green grapes, & green apple juice. I had to force feed Bladen at first because he was scared of the green color, but once he realized those were mommy's scrambled eggs, he dug right in.

After breakfast we got dressed in our greenest clothes.

During the night we were visited by a mischievous little Leprechaun named "Joey." He hid pieces of his rainbow all over the house. The kids had to find every piece & put the rainbow together like a puzzle. As soon as the entire rainbow was together, "Joey's" treasure would appear. But each rainbow piece had a task to perform. The kids were SO excited to get started.

The first task (the red piece of the rainbow) was to make Leprechaun masks. We used paper plates as his face & added green hats to his head. We drew cute Leprechaun faces & even painted orange beards, mustaches, & eyebrows to add character. The kids' all turned out a little different & they were all ADORABLE.

The second task (the orange piece of the rainbow) was to eat a rainbow of healthy fruits. He even left a tray of fruit in our fridge for us to eat. What a smart little leprechaun.

The third task (the yellow piece of the rainbow) was to play at the park, but it was raining cats & dogs, so we settled for a family snuggle on the couch while we watched a movie together.

Number four (the green piece of the rainbow) was a VERY GREEN LUNCH.

We had green macaroni & cheese, green jello, green celery & green peppers dipped in green ranch.

Even Craiger ate all his mac n cheese. He's ADDICTED to it.

After lunch it was nap time for the little ones. . . so we all took a little break for a couple hours. When everyone woke up we hit up task #5 (the blue piece of the rainbow) green milkshakes for snack time. Mmmm. . . mommy LOVES mint-chocolate-chip milkshakes.

The last & final task of the day (the purple piece of the rainbow) was making rainbow necklaces. Cadence & Lorien REALLY got into it. Taya got 3 fruit loops on hers & decided she was done. And Bladen & Craiger just ate fruit loops. ha ha ha.

Then for dinner I made some GREEN pasta with GREEN alfredo sauce, GREEN beans, & GREEN applesauce. Oh, & don't forget the GREEN 7-up bottles I found. The kids LOVED it.

And finally after dinner, the kids went to check on their "rainbow" & found cupcakes shaped like pots of gold with chocolate coins on top. They were in HEAVEN. They had found "Joey's" TREASURE.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Potter house.


  1. You have the cutest ideas! I love how you make each holiday memorable for your children! You are such a good example.

  2. Dani Potter ~ I am nothing short of amazed at all you do for your family! Your husband must be very supportive and helpful for you to do it all. What a wonderful family and example!

  3. I loved all of the pictures you posted! It's so fun to watch the kids grow up through pictures. I like seeing them in person better, but I'll take what I can get. Thanks for being such a good mom to my nieces and nephews. You're the best! Love you Dani!