Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New School, New Teachers, LOTS OF SMILES

In the craziness known as Halloween at the Potter house, I've completely failed to update my blog on the day to day happenings in our life.  I want to catch up on October first, & then I'll FINALLY post the pics from Trek's graduation & our move from Monterey to Utah.

The day we got to Utah I immediately drove to the elementary school the kids belonged to.  I filled out all the paperwork & they were ready to start school the very next day.  I literally cried the minute I walked into the school.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  It had walls & wasn't a bunch of outdoor trailers!  There was a library 5 times the size of the library in Monterey.  There was a music class, a computer lab, & a PE room (all programs cut from our CA school).  The lunchroom had a well-balanced school lunch for $2.00 with something from all 5 food groups (as opposed to a $4.25 lunch that consisted of milk & 7-11 Pizza).  I was THRILLED.  So were the girls.

Lorien got Ms. Moody for her 2nd grade teacher.

Cadence got Ms. Jarvis as her 4th grade teacher.  Our next door neighbor is in her class which makes it even more exciting.

Taya isn't in elementary school yet, but we found a sweet lady in my parent's ward that owns a preschool.  She got Taya in the pre-kindergarten class right away.  Taya LOVES it.

The older girls immediately became part of what the neighborhood calls
Every morning (until it starts snowing), the bike brigade rides their bikes, skateboards, roller blades, etc. to & from school.  It makes it easy on me & it helps the kids make friends.  I LOVE IT.

So, life is good here in Utah.  The kids are great, the schools are great, & we are loving it here.

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