Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

There's nothing like going to a pumpkin patch the first week of October.  My brother actually lives right next to a pumpkin farm so it was EASY to find one this year.

They let all the kids wander out in the fields & pick their own pumpkins.

Bladen found one just his size.

They even had a Brinley sized pumpkin.

Korbyn is always so happy.

And of course Lorien has to get the biggest pumpkin in the entire field.

They had a cute little petting farm with a GIANT pig!

Cousin Time

Lorien is always climbing things & Korbyn is right behind her.

They had an AWESOME "corn box" (instead of a sandbox).  It was tons & tons & tons of dried corn that the kids could play in & bury each other in.  It was really fun.

It was a fun Saturday activity.  The kids had a blast.

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