Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Zombie Taco Salad

Day 2 of our Potter Halloween Extravaganza was:

We usually call this "Eyeball Taco Salad," but Lorien insisted that it was a zombie so we left it at that.

This one is simple.  Just make taco salad the way your family likes it best.  I always cook my ground beef, add taco seasoning, & then add a big can of pork & beans to mine.  That's the way my kids like it so it's how we do it, but you can make it any way you like it.

First I crush tortilla chips in the bottom of the bowl, then add the meat/bean mixture.  To make the zombie face I add lettuce as hair, cheese a skin, onions & an olive as a nose, tomatoes as the icky mouth, & 2 dollops of sour cream for the eyes with olives as the pupils.  This is a fun one to make.

My son Bladen looked at it & said,
"Um, Mom?  My dinner is looking at me." 
How hilarious is that?


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