Friday, September 20, 2013

1st Day of School 2013

This year was a very exciting 1st day of school for the Potter Family.

#1: My beautiful children get to go to ONE SCHOOL this year.  You heard me right, no more moving 3 times during the school year. . . no more 3 schools & 3 teachers & too much change.  They are at their schools & nothing is going to change for 3 more years.

#2: Our little Miss Taya got to finally start Kindergarten this year.

Taya got the teacher we requested for her last Spring.  I got to meet each of the teachers & I had Mrs. Mann pegged as the perfect person for Taya to relate to the instant I heard her speak.  I'm SO THRILLED she is Taya's teacher.

Taya was SO excited on her first day of school.  She had her new glasses, her new Minnie Mouse backpack, her new clothes. . . she was just excited as she could be.

Lorien started 3rd Grade this year.  She has Mrs. C. Evans as her teacher & so far they are clicking quite well.  Lorien is loving school & all the new things she's learning.  She's even READING & ENJOYING it.  Hooray for 3rd Grade.

And my little Cadence is now in 5th Grade.  How does that even happen?  She starts band this year as well as the SEARCH (gifted) program.  She has Ms. Pyrtle for homeroom, Ms. Callet for Science, & Ms. Fortner for SEARCH.  She's SUPER excited about all her new activities coming up in 5th Grade.  She's going to have a blast.

I love these girls!

The Westside Elementary (4th-6th grades) bus stop grew this year.  We have 8 kids there now (only 5 in the picture, but there's 8 total.)  I love walking the kids to the bus stop every morning.

Now you want to talk about HUGE. . . . the Carrollton Elementary (grades K-3rd) is HUGE.  This isn't even all of them.  There's about 15-16 kids here this year.  How exciting is that?  I love the kids in our neighborhood.

Lorien is looking out for her little sister this year.  She makes sure she gets on & off the bus okay.  I love how much my girls love each other.

This one last little wave from Taya made me
break down to tears.  She waved, smiled, & got
on that big school bus without mommy.
I hate that they grow up so fast.

Bladen had the worst day of his life on the 1st day of school.  The minute he saw his sister (Taya) get on that bus, his life was over.  They have been best buds since the day he was born.  They are only a year apart in age & they have always done everything together.  It broke his little heart to have his sister gone.  He cried all day long, & at Walmart he kept panicking looking for Taya.  "Where's Taya?  She's lost from us!"  Poor kid.  When we got home from Walmart he cried himself to sleep on the couch.

The first day was rough for him, but it's gotten better since then.  Bless his heart.

The girls LOVE school & they LOVE their teachers!  I'm happy my kids love learning.

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