Saturday, September 28, 2013

Taya's 6th Family Birthday

For Taya's birthday dinner she specifically asked for her very favorite food:
Spaghetti & meatballs, garlic bread, & blue kool-aid.

After her birthday dinner we opened all of her presents from family members.  She got spoiled this year.  We had a blast opening it all.

Nancy sent her a horse outfit: sweater & hat,
shirt, pants, socks, & cowboy girl boots.

She also sent Taya a Breyer pony.  FUN.

She loved all her fun gifts from Nancy.

Lorien saved up her allowance & got her the
one thing Taya asked for.  Taya was DYING for
the Lego Friends Treehouse.  She was SO happy
Lorien got it for her that she cried.  SUPER

Cadence bought her an adorable Pinkie Pie
Stuffed animal.  She sleeps with it every night now.

Trek & I got her the Lego Friends Stables.

Auntie Char & Uncle Jay got her the Lego
Friends Pool she has been wanting.

And Mimi & Baba got her the Lego Friends

Opa & Oma got Taya a beautiful little fairy
keepsake treasure box & 2 beautiful necklaces.

Auntie Cari, Uncle Justin, Korbyn, & Brinley
got her the Lego Friends Beach Buggy & a
SUPER FUN dot to dot book.

Mamoo got Taya Mia's Bedroom Lego set.

Grandma Kinsfather sent her $10 to buy whatever
she wants to buy!

And Taya's brothers bought her a 200 piece puzzle because
they know how much Taya loves puzzles.  200 pieces might
challenge her a bit too.

Taya loved everything she got.  We literally felt like we were in a Lego Paradise.  Taya LOVES Lego's so much & we were in Lego heaven all week long.  It was a ton of fun.

Taya is such a sweetheart.  She was SO excited about everything she got.

Happy Birthday my little princess!

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