Monday, September 23, 2013

Mother-Daughter Make-Over Night

I was in charge of Activity Days again for the month of September so I planned another 2 parter for my two nights with the girls.  The first week I sat down with the girls & we talked about hygiene.  I know, not the funnest thing to talk about with a bunch of tween girls, but it's one of their goals in their Faith in God booklet & you know, sometimes you just need a refresher.

I gave each of the girls a little gift bag with travel sized shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, & a washcloth in it to help them remember their hygiene is important.  

THEN, we started planning for our 2nd activity that kind of goes along with our hygiene talk:
Mother Daughter Make-Over Night.

I let the girls make homemade invites to invite their mothers to our activity.  We planned to bring blankets & pillows & have our mom's dressed up in their pajamas for the fun night.  We would do mud masks with cucumbers on our eyes, paint nails, eat cupcakes, & simply enjoy some one on one time with our moms.  Then I had each of the girls make a small jar of bath salts to give to their moms as a gift.  Each girl wrote a letter to their moms & attached it to their gift.

Then on the 3rd Wednesday of September we had our fun girls night!  I think the girls had a blast.  I had my own two girls to play with & all the other girls had their mom's.  One girl in our group lost her mom last summer so our other Activity Days leader (who just got married a few months back & doesn't have kids yet) jumped right in & played this girl's surrogate mother for the night.  We ended up having SO MUCH FUN.

I think these girls had fun feeling the masks tighten on their face & they thought those cucumbers were beyond awesome.

Me & my beautiful girls

I painted zebra stripes on my girls' nails.

This was Aaliyah's LAST activity days activity.  She turns
12 in two weeks & will be moving on to Young Womens.
We will miss her terribly!

I still say I have the best calling in the church.  I love Activity Days.

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